Evidence Based Practice

The scientist-practitioner model is premised on the idea that the relationship between theory, research and practice is integral to effective health service delivery. Moreover, the scientist-practitioner model is the cornerstone of evidence-based practice. Innovative Minds works within an evidence-based practice framework, drawing on current applied research from the fields of Clinical, Forensic, and Organisational Psychology, Social Work, and Criminology. The theoretical underpinnings of our professional development programs primarily draw on social-learning and cognitive-behavioural theories. However our experience in program development and delivery has led us to an understanding of the importance of dynamic theory and practice in working simultaneously with both the content (i.e., technique or mode of treatment) and processes (i.e., client and therapeutic relationship factors) of change.
Working from an evidence-based approach encompasses more than just “what works”. Our first line of enquiry is always “what works, for whom, when, and where”. In asking these questions we employ a collaborative approach with our clients from the outset, ensuring that their specific needs and organisational mission are met. This strategy also avoids a “one size fits all” approach to service delivery, in which treatment programs and research methods are applied without consideration of organisational and strategic frameworks that have a significant impact upon program outcomes.