BA (Hons), MA (Counselling), PhD (Crim.) Candidate

Charlene has over 20 years experience working with adult and young offenders within a case management and therapeutic framework. In 1999she was awarded by the Department of Justice Community Corrections for achieving a consistently high standard of work performance in a difficult and challenging environment.   Since 2006 Charlene has been active in the design and delivery of professional development programs, clinical supervision services, reflective practice forums and executive coaching for professionals within the community services and social justice sector. In order to extend her specialist knowledge and application of reflective practice and clinical supervision services Charlene is undertaking her PhD with the Monash Criminal Justice Research Consortium where she is exploring the relationship between the style of professional supervision and clinical skill development under the guidance of Professor Christopher Trotter.

Key areas of specialisation: family violence assessment and intervention; aggressive and violent offender programs; trauma informed practice, gender and culturally responsive case management and counselling; restorative justice group conferencing, critical incident stress debriefing and defusing; clinical supervision and coaching.

Charlene can be contacted directly at