PhD (Social Work)

Chris Trotter is a Professor of Social Work at Monash University in Australia. Prior to his appointment at Monash he worked for many years as a social worker and manager in child protection, juvenile justice and adult probation and parole. He has undertaken many research projects and published more than 50 articles and book chapters. He is internationally recognised for his work on pro-social modelling and has assisted probation services around the world in the implementation of the programme and consulted widely on effective practice in offender supervision. He has authored two books- Working with Involuntary Clients, now in its 3rd edition and translated into multiple languages, and Helping Abused Children and their Families. Additionally, in 2011, Dr Trotter co-edited, with Fergus McNeill and Peter Raynor, the book Offender Supervision: New directions in theory, research, and practice.